Keeping Connected – Second Toronto Location Now Open

Keeping Connected is pleased to announce the opening of a second Toronto office, inside Proactive Pelvic Health Centre. Located on Broadview Avenue just north of the Danforth, the clinic is easily accessible by subway.

Angelique Montano-Bressolin, pelvic health physiotherapist, opened Proactive Pelvic Health Centre to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to treating men and women with pelvic pain and incontinence issues. Keeping Connected provides sex therapy and psychotherapy/counselling services within the clinic. Therapy and counselling services are for both individuals and couples, and need not be specific to pelvic health concerns.

Additional services offered by Proactive Pelvic Health include physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, mindfulness meditation, nutritional counselling, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy. For more information about the clinic or to book an appointment for one of these services, please visit To book an appointment for therapy or counselling, please contact Keeping Connected therapist Adrienne Bairstow.

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